Welding Deptmartment
This course uses the National Center for Construction Education and Research modules for most of it's text content.
Module 00101-09 Basic Safety - Complies with OSHA-10 training requirements. Explains the safety obligations of workers, supervisors and managers to ensure a safe workplace. Discusses the causes and results of accidents and the impact of accident costs. Reviews the role of company policies and OSHA regulations. Introduces common job-site hazards and identifies proper protections. Defines safe work procedures, proper use of personal protective equipment, and working with hazardous chemicals. Identifies other potential construction hazards, including hazardous material exposures, welding and cutting hazards and confined spaces.
Module 00102-09 Introduction to Construction Math - Reviews basic mathematical functions such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying whole numbers, fractions, and decimal, and explains their applications to the construction trades. Explains how to use and read various length measurement tools, including standard and metric rulers and tape measures, and the architect's and engineer's scales. Explains decimal-fraction conversions and the metric system, using practical examples. Also review basic geometry as applied to common shapes and forms.
Module 29101-09 Welding Safety - Covers safety equipment, protective clothing, and procedures applicable to the cutting and welding of metals.