Early Childhood Development

This  practical  class will engage students in reflection, discussion, analyzing  and applying  new knowledge for common preschool child behavior problems. We will look closely at  factors that affect  behavior, several helpful strategies and follow a step by step process to  address  behavior challenges. We will also focus on other  guidance curriculum  currently being used in our  region.

Students will prepare a minimum of two teaching tools that will be useful  in their  programs.  We will have at least  one  day in class for the purpose of making these projects.  Class time will also be provided to use campus  computers and internet to submit  assignments  electronically.

An Internet course leading to the development and/or revision of written policies and procedures for an early childhood setting based upon applicable state, local and/or federal regulations.

A broad view of the child from middle childhood years through adolescence at various stages of biological, cognitive and social development