This is a course page for PHO 101, PHO 201 and PHO 280

Art 101 examines the style, technique, content and meaning in painting, sculpture, fine craft, design and architecture. Students will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and a greater awareness of how the arts are integrated into our daily lives.

This course is designed to lead students on an historical survey of the painting, sculpture and architecture of the world from the Early Renaissance to Modern Art. 

This course is intended to provide students with an introduction and selective overview of art of the Native peoples of North America. Focus is on significant two and three dimensional art as well as installation art before and after establishments of formal art institutions.

Shared course page for ART 190: Ceramics I, ART 245: Ceramics II , ART 185: Handbuilding Pottery, ART 281: Art Studio -Three-Dimensional, ART 246: Ceramics III and ART 289: Figurative Ceramics, ART 199: Ceramic Enrichment