NAT 101: Nursing Assistant Training

Course Syllabus

FALL 2020            NAT Class

This syllabus is current as of the date printed, but subject to change due to COVID-19.


Prepares students to assume the role and responsibilities of a nursing assistant within community health settings with a focus on long-term care. Complies with federal (Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act - OBRA) guidelines and preparation for the Arizona State Board of Nursing certification examination. Prerequisite: Satisfactory reading and math placement. Co-requisite: Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid certification (EMT 104, or equivalent). Three lecture; three lab; three clinical. Both fall and spring semesters; summer.


NAT 101 is designed to comply with the Arizona State Board of Nurse Practice Act (Article 8). All nursing assistant students will receive appropriate training and experience in providing basic nursing care. At the completion of the course with 75% accuracy, the student is eligible to take the state certification/licensure test.


There are two state nursing assistant levels - Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA).  The NAT course and state test are the same for both levels (See policy #3).


Prerequisite: ACCUPLACER reading score of 48+ ASSET reading score of 36+ or COMPASS reading score of 65+; Department of Public Safety (DPS) Fingerprint Clearance Card; current TB skin test and immunization (Hepatitis B and MMR) records are required. Student must be enrolled in EMT 104 or provide CPR and Basic First Aid certification (See policy #9).

Basic computer knowledge is required (See policy #16).


Costs/requirements: Tuition, course fee, media fee, a current DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card, negative TB test (policy #9), textbook, workbook, royal blue scrubs, nursing shoes, a watch with second hand (See policies #23 and #24).

State CNA Manual Skills/Written test: $118.00.

Level I. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Manual skills/written test. No additional application or cost to the state.

Level II.  Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA)*

After passing the CNA manual skills/written test, the student then applies, fingerprints and a $100 fee to the Board ($50 fee for the initial license, $50 one-time fingerprint clearance fee). There is a

$50 renewal every two years.


* Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA)* may be required or preferred by some employers, because of the higher level of scrutiny provided by the board (See policy #3).

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