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Practice What You Would Say to Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Peer Reviewers

On November 18th & 19th, 2019, NPC will welcome a peer review team from HLC, the college accrediting body, to conduct a comprehensive evaluation to reaffirm our academic accreditation. This evaluation occurs every 10 years to make sure that NPC is fulfilling its mission and serving the common good by assuring and advancing the quality of higher learning.

Every month we will post 3-4 questions for you to practice in case you are approached by a peer reviewer. You can share your thoughts on one question, or all of the questions. Your responses may be shared within the college to encourage others to practice answering these questions. 

If you enter your name and your NPC email address at the end of the survey, your name will be put into a monthly drawing. Otherwise, your responses will be anonymous.

Select the appropriate link below to view the questions of the month and practice your answers.

Students: What would you say?

Faculty: What would you say?

Staff: What would you say?

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NPC students now have access to free online tutoring for your courses. 

You can access a tutor on-demand in a variety of subjects including math, science, social sciences, history, English and writing, computer sciences, and more. 

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To Learn More about Tutor.com

Click How Tutor.com Works to learn more about how you can log into and use Tutor.com.

Click Tutor.com Practice Classroom to check out and practice using the tools in the Tutor.com classroom.

To Access Tutor.com

Log into Moodle, enter a course, and look for the link below in your course. Click the link to instantly access Tutor.com.

Link to Tutor.com

You can find the link on the top of the right block of any course and at the bottom of the General section in any course.

Welcome to Web-based Learning at NPC!

Moodle Login

Log into Moodle using the same username and password used to access MyNPC. Upon logging in, classes you have registered for will display under "My courses" when they are available. Contact the Support Center if you are not able to access Moodle or do not see your classes on the course start date. You can also access your Moodle classes through MyNPC > MyCourses > My Courses to Moodle portlet.

Technical Support

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended Web browser for Moodle. For more information about system requirements and Moodle access view NPC Moodle Student Guide.

For technical assistance, contact the Support Center at 1-800-266-7845 ext. 7447 or at support.center@npc.edu. For questions regarding course content and activities, please contact your instructor.

The ICT Requirement for First Time Online Student

NPC has implemented a program to improve student learning in Internet-based classes. Prior to enrollment in Internet sections (POS 221 & 222 are exempt) students must demonstrate or develop basic computer skills necessary for online learning. Visit the Online Readiness Website for more information.