Introduces students to the Help Desk environment, as well as other essential IT soft skills, teamwork, collaboration, time and project management skills. 

Prerequisite: CIS 142 or instructor permission. 

3 credits. Two lecture; two lab.

Trans-disciplinary inquiry into the history, nature, and implications of digital spaces and cultures. Student will use discussions, short papers, and online media to develop critical thinking capabilities and a humanistic perspective on the nature of cyberspace. No textbook required.

Introduces students to concepts of problem-solving using structured and object- oriented 3-D programming, algorithmic design, and computer systems concepts, and social and ethical responsibilities.

Introduces business information systems and the uses of business application software with emphasis on database and spreadsheet packages.

A course for people who want to learn to use the Internet in their work, in their studies, for recreation and communication. Students will learn how to use this connection in a productive way to access services, resources, information, and to communicate electronically with others.